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HellRaiser Rules

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 31, 2016 6:54 am

Cool Welcome to the Forum and In-Game Rules Cool

In this post you'll find all the rules, do's and don'ts in-game and forum. If anything is ever changed, this post will be edited by any needs that the server requires.

1. Advertising any other MU server will result in an immediate permanent ban just like in-game. You're also not allowed to advertise or talk about any other Online Games.

2. Selling Accounts or Items or Non-Server related items for money within the boundaries of our server and forum is highly prohibited.

3. Multiple Forum Accounts is not allowed because of multiple reasons such as (Participating in 1 event with multiple accounts, Aid in false reports, Abuse of Thank You button, etc)

4. Posting Pornographic content in the forum as much as in-game is and will not be tolerated in anyway such as Avatars, Signatures, Link Posts, etc.

5. Offensive Names and Names Similar To GMs in Forum or in game is highly prohibited.

6. Racial slurs, Religion related insults, etc. Will result in an infraction regardless of which language it is.

7. Harassment/Flaming/Trolling in Forum, depending on the severity will cause an infraction.

8.  Posting disturbing content such as scary shits and bullshit will result in the ban of your forum account immediatly

9.  False Reports on players or any type of report which has a consequence to it will result in a Forum ban along with your in-game account.

10.  Spam will not be tolerated,[With the exception of events]. (You will be warned for useless posts) but if you're caught purposely spamming, regardless of what the content is.

11. Before posting or asking a question, you should check the recycle bin of Q&A. I'm certain any question to existence regarding this server has already been asked, so if you're in doubt of something please check there before posting. In the section Q&A you can find at the top important topics like this one such as "FAQ" and "Read this before you post a question"

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